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About us

The rest of the our website is in Turkish. For more detailed information about our services or to speak with a customer representative, please visit our contact page. The management at Tercumex™ uses Turkish, English, Russian and Ukrainian for communication.

It all began in 2001 when the core staff of Tercumeks Language Services Ltd. came together at Garanti Language Services Ltd. Thanks to the skills of two translators with over 10 years of experience, a veteran office manager who had dealt with project management in the translation sector for many years and the superior effort of experienced, hard-working translators, Garanti Translation has made significant progress in a short amount of time and has expanded its own base of loyal and valued customers by adding the customer portfolio of Tercumex™, which included respected sector leaders, as well as multi-national institutions and government agencies and organizations that define and enforce quality standards. In 2003, Garanti Translation also opened a branch office in Ankara in order to be closer to customers in the public sector.

Shortly after that, it became necessary to restructure in order to adapt to the changing market conditions and Tercümeks Language Services Ltd. was founded in Istanbul in 2004. The Tercumex™ brand name and the slogan “Biz Çeviriyoruz, Dünya Dönüyor…™” (We Spin (translate) and the World Turns) were registered so that our company could continue its business as Turkey’s first translation brand.

Tercumex™ became one of the first translation companies in Turkey to adopt European and American standards in language services by making its project coordinators and employees members of the American Translators Association as well as a variety of vocational chambers and professional associations both in Turkey and abroad. This was how we became acquainted with desktop publishing, localization, translation memory and archive management software, project automation, the principle of confidentiality and corporate solutions partnership model as well as validated translation processes and data security.

In order to offer more affordable translation services between Turkish, English and Slavic languages, Tercumex Language Services Ukraine (Tercumex™ Ukraina) was founded in Kiev in 2006, providing Turkish and English translation services for Russian, Ukrainian and all Slavic and Eastern European languages with translators and project coordinators that belong to the American Translators Association.

Tercumex™ currently provides translation, certified (sworn) translation, localization, globalization and multi-language desktop publishing services from over 60 languages into Turkish and from Turkish into more than 60 languages with expert translators from different branches and sectors as well as in-house and freelance translators supported by project coordinators, who are members of the American Translators Association, and computer assisted specialist terminology databases that include hundreds of thousands of terms.

Furthermore, Tercumex™ has access to thousands of translators through the ATA network and is still one of the few companies in Turkey that provides Native Speaker Translation services.

Our goal is to provide our valued customers with affordable translations that accurately reflect the content of the original text and read like natural texts written by a native speaker and not like translations. In other words, our mission is: “To bring you translation that adheres to European and American standards at Turkish prices.”

Linguists, for freelancer registration please click here.

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Almanca İngilizce Tercüme Arapça İngilizce Tercüme Azerice İngilizce Tercüme
Belarusça İngilizce Tercüme Bosnaca İngilizce Tercüme Bulgarca İngilizce Tercüme
Burmaca İngilizce Tercüme Çeçence İngilizce Tercüme Çekçe İngilizce Tercüme
Çince İngilizce Tercüme Danca İngilizce Tercüme Endonezce İngilizce Tercüme
Ermenice İngilizce Tercüme Estonca İngilizce Tercüme Farsça İngilizce Tercüme
Felemenkçe İngilizce Tercüme Fince İngilizce Tercüme Fransızca İngilizce Tercüme
Galce İngilizce Tercüme Gürcüce İngilizce Tercüme Hintçe İngilizce Tercüme
İbranice İngilizce Tercüme İngilizce İngilizce Tercüme İrlandaca İngilizce Tercüme
İspanyolca İngilizce Tercüme İsveççe İngilizce Tercüme İtalyanca İngilizce Tercüme
İzlandaca İngilizce Tercüme Japonca İngilizce Tercüme Kafkasça İngilizce Tercüme
Katalanca İngilizce Tercüme Keltçe İngilizce Tercüme Korece İngilizce Tercüme
Latince İngilizce Tercüme Letonca İngilizce Tercüme Litvanyaca İngilizce Tercüme
Macarca İngilizce Tercüme Makedonca İngilizce Tercüme Moğolca İngilizce Tercüme
Moldovca İngilizce Tercüme Nepalce İngilizce Tercüme Norveççe İngilizce Tercüme
Lehçe İngilizce Tercüme Portekizce İngilizce Tercüme Romence İngilizce Tercüme
Rusça İngilizce Tercüme Sırpça İngilizce Tercüme Slovakça İngilizce Tercüme
Slovence İngilizce Tercüme Swahili İngilizce Tercüme Tagalog İngilizce Tercüme
Tayca İngilizce Tercüme Türkçe İngilizce Tercüme Ukraynaca İngilizce Tercüme
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